Review: Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturizer, Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Night Cream and Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm


Today I am going to review some Simple skin care products that I have been using for quite a sometime. Simple is a UK based brand that claims to have no artificial perfumes, dyes or harsh irritants in their products. The complete simple range has 18 products including cleansers, moisturizers, eye care, and wipes. All the products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and pH balanced. I came about to use three of their products if you want to know about my experience then keep reading my full post below.

Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm

My under eye skin is super dry and also I am suffering from bad dark circles. I am looking for an eye balm that will keep my under eye area enough moisturized because I have a belief that your dark circles need some natural home based remedies rather than chemical-based products. So I use green tea bags and fresh cucumber slices on regular bases, these two makes my dark circles less visible. Let’s go back to our product review, I used to apply this balm regularly at night and I woke up with sufficiently moisturized under eye skin plus this balm surely removes puffiness, but I don’t think that this balm will work for the under eye wrinkles (That’s saddening). The balm is quite soothing and kind to eyes as it claimed, its perfect for sensitive under eye area. I also apply this balm before putting under eye concealer to make sure that there will be no fine lines after setting my concealer with loose powder. It is a cream based balm with a moderate consistency neither very runny nor enough viscous. Overall I am very happy with this soothing eye balm because it makes my under eye skin area moisturized and make my eyes look less tired.



  • No dyes and artificial ingredients
  • It keeps your skin well moisturized
  • Reduces under eye puffiness
  • Quite affordable as compared to other eye creams in the market


  • It will not help to reduce dark circles
  • It will not help to cure under eye wrinkles
  • Availability will be an issue in Pakistan

Age Resisting Night Cream

I was so excited to try this night cream from simple. The product claims that it will soften, smooth and improves skin condition and also revitalize and regenerates your skin. I am in my 20’s so I can’t say that either this cream is good for wrinkles or age resisting purpose but I can surely talk about its performance as a decent night cream. It has a thin consistency and it tends to absorb in your skin really well leaving no sticky feeling behind. One thing that bothers me the most is its pathetic chemical based fragrance. Seriously I hate the smell of this cream. It’s not like that I prefer sweet perfume like fragrances but I usually opt for fragrance-free products. After apply this cream at night, I woke up with well moisturized skin in the morning. Besides moisturizing, I don’t think that its claim of age resisting would be true because I didn’t notice any difference at my under eye wrinkles.



  • It keeps your skin well moisturized
  • It is good for sensitive skin
  • It causes no breakouts
  • Lightweight and non-greasy
  • Affordable as compared to other night creams


  • Bothersome scent
  • Age resisting claim
  • Availability

Hydrating Light Moisturizer

According to the product’s description, it contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to restore and soften the skin, Vitamin E to provide enough moisture and Borage seed oil to renew and regenerates your skin. I usually apply this moisturizer after cleansing every morning and before applying my daily routine makeup. Believe me, this moisturizer serves as an excellent makeup base. I used to apply this moisturizer on my face and neck with upward and downward movements. Once applied it is fully absorbed in your skin leaving no stickiness. This moisturizer helps to prevent my foundation from setting into fine lines and makes my face healthy looking throughout the day. I usually don’t apply this moisturizer at night time, I think I’d better stick with my favorite Neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin. Overall this is a decent moisturizer for your makeup base and to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. I am glad it didn’t cause me any breakouts, this is probably due to no use of unnecessary or harsh chemicals.



  • Decent moisturizer for your under makeup base
  • No artificial harsh chemicals
  • It causes no breakouts
  • No sticky feeling
  • Lightweight
  • Mild Scent


Availability issue



The Eye balm, night cream, and hydrating moisturizer for £3.99, £5.25 and £4.19 respectively.

These products came in this beautiful pouch by Simple,


Thank you so much for reading this long post. I got these skincare products as a gift from one of my friend in the UK. Overall I am quite impressed by this brand as they have a claim that their products are kind to our skin. I will definitely try some more products from simple. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments section below. I would really appreciate your precious words.

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