Review: Essence Haul!!!


A few weeks back I got a chance to shop some of the Essence products, as I am a huge fan of essence products from many years so I used to buy their new products very often. Every time I bought their new products I feel like they are getting more and more improved. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the quality, packaging, and affordability of the essence products. For lips I picked up Velvet Stick in the shades “04 Cherry Crash” and “05 Plum Perfect”, long-lasting lip liner in shade “04 Peach Beauty”, Matt Matt Matt lipstick in shade “08 It’s a statement”. For cheeks I picked up Satin Touch Blush in “Satin Love” and lastly for eyes, I handpicked Essence I love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof. I have been using Essence mascaras for almost 4-5 years but I didn’t try out their mascaras in a waterproof version so I decided to give it a try. Let’s talk about all the products individually one by one.

Essence Satin Touch Blush in 20 Satin Love



According to their website, the silky blush instantly provides the cheeks with fresh color reflections in a coral, rosewood or a bronzed shade with a light pearl effect. This blush is available in three shade: 10 Satin Coral, 20 Satin Love and 30 Satin Bronze. I choose the shade Satin Love because it is the pinkish one among the others. I really love the transparent compact packaging of this cute little blush. We can see the blush shade through the clear lid. The blush is more on a creamier side as compared their other matte powdery blushes. It has a warm pink color with subtle mauve undertones with a very fine hint of shimmer. The formula is pigmented enough, once applied it’s very easy to blend and can be build up for a more glamorous look. For me, one swipe is enough for a beautiful pearly glow without being glittery. The lasting power of this blush is super long it stays on my cheeks throughout the whole day. I am in love with this blush and it’s my current on the go blush. It comes with a very affordable price tag of PKR 450. (The ingredients part on back side has been ripped off with the price tag)


Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof


Essence has been introducing a wide range of mascaras every now and then but I’ve got jammed with this extreme volume version. I really love the formula of these mascaras, they are available in three different versions names as I love Extreme Crazy Volume, I love Extreme Volume and I love Extreme Volume Waterproof. I really like the bold blue color packaging of this mascara. The formula is creamier and it has a jet black color which I love the most. The wand is just like any other traditional mascara wand but the size is huge so if you have very small eyes you may dislike the way it is. When applied, this is not clumsy and it keeps your lashes well separated. I really like the formula because it doesn’t smudge or flake off like some other inexpensive mascaras. It holds my curl so well so this is a complete winner for me. And for the waterproof claim it stays on my lashes throughout the day but when I wash my face with water it flakes a little bit but that’s okay because at this quality and price we can ignore this little bit of flakiness. I got this mascara for PKR 550 which is definitely a steal. Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof is easily available at all the leading stores in Pakistan.

Essence Velvet Stick Matt Lip Color

Velvet sticks are available in 5 different shades, 01 Nude Hero, 02 Peony Star, 03 Mega Melon, 04 Cherry Crash, and 05 Plum Perfect. These lip colors come in a crayon like the packaging. I picked up Cherry Crash and Plum Perfect, unlike other matte lip colors these sticks feel quite moisturizing without drying out our lips. Cherry Crash is a bold cherry red with blue undertones while Plum Perfect is not actually a plum color, it’s a burgundy red with brown undertones. They are very pigmented and enriched with color. One swipe is enough for full color pay off, you can easily create the precise lip edge. One downside is that you have to sharp them because there is no way to twist them up. Once applied these color fade out after 2-3 hours while drinking or eating. Both the shades I got are bold enough so they leave a very pretty stain behind. These sticks come with a price tag of PKR 335 each.


Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick 08 It’s a Statement

I am a big fan of matt lipsticks and according to fall season, I wanted to pick up dark vampy shade. Essence Matt Matt lipsticks come in 8 in a variety of different shades I chose the darker one among all the shades available. It has a strong fruity berry like fragrance which can bother to those who have a sensitive nose. The formula of this lipstick is a little bit dry so I recommend you to properly moisturize and exfoliate your lips before applying the lipstick (Exfoliation Tip: Take a spare brush and brush your lips with it every morning). Just one swipe gives you full color pay off. Don’t forget to line your lips with a matching color lip liner otherwise, this lipstick begins to bleed outside your lips. Essence Matt Matt Lipstick stays about 4 to 5 hours on my lips by leaving a light stain behind. I got this lipstick for PKR 450.

Essence Long Lasting Lip Liner 05 Peach Beauty

Long Lasting Lip Liner comes in a sleek plastic packaging, there is no need to sharpen, and you just need to twist up in order to use the remaining product. The color of this liner is a beautiful fresh peach color. Its formula is a little bit drier but with a very nice color payoff. I usually apply it as a lipstick or sometimes I pair it up with a matching lip gloss or lipstick. I got this lip liner for PKR 325.


So this was my complete review of Essence Haul, hope you people will like it. If you have any question do let me know in the comments section below. Stay Blessed x.


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