My Five Favorite Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier




I spend most of my time by reading articles and blogs but sometimes I don’t have internet especially when I am outside or travelling. So I needed an app that allows me to save all the articles for future reading. The pocket is an interesting app to save all those interesting articles for later reading. When you download the app and sign in, an add-on/extension of pocket is automatically installed in your browser. All you need is to save your desired page and then pocket will inevitably download all the saved articles along with the images. At your leisure, you can read all those saved articles in Pocket app both on mobile and desktop. The pocket is not based on simple bookmarking procedure nonetheless it will provide you with a more cultured format.


Hobi- TV Shows Reminder


I really like to watch TV series and it is very difficult for me to track record of episodes and seasons. After downloading Hobi I have never missed any of the episodes and my favourite upcoming seasons. Hobi makes it very easy to track your preferred TV shows, all you need to add TV shows that you like and then Hobi will notify you with a smart reminder for each series. Every day I wake up with a notification of all the on airing episodes for that day. You can follow your favorite TV shows time after time.




I finally found the best scientifically approached app for tracking my periods. The clue is a fast, beautifully designed and very easy to use app. You can input your data in the most important aspects of the cycle such as mood, cramps, tags and days of your cycle. Once you enter your data, it will estimate your next cycle based on stats and averages. There is an info button on almost every page of the app, this will help you to understand all the related terms. You can also set the reminders for PMS, periods or late periods as per your choice. Clue estimates your future cycles and these estimations can be seen in the calendar view of the app. One of the cool features is that the app allows you to backup all your data so you can transfer it from an old phone to a new one. I would like to recommend this app to every girl who doesn’t want a typical pinky, girly and noticeable app for tracking their periods.




Drippler is an amazing app that gives you all the technology related tips, tricks, reviews, latest apps info and much more. After installing the app you will need to sign up by using your Facebook or Google account. The app will take note of your phone’s model and carrier, then comes up with the newest phone hacks, apps and other related news/updates, that will suit your taste. Every time you open an article, Drippler shows you source link and play store link to download those apps. One of the amazing features is that whenever you have an issue on your phone, the app will assign you a technology expert who will then assist you to solve your issue. PRETTY COOL!!


Google Keep


Google Keep is my most favorite to-do app, which I have been using for many years. Google Keep allows you to quickly take and save notes, photos, location/time reminders, checklists and voice memos. I really love the interface of this app, you can add pictures to your notes, choose different colors and also add labels for easy access. The app comes with three useful widgets that help you to quickly and easily create multiple notes.


Do you use any of these Apps? How was your experience?
Have a nice day!


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